The House

The Ocala House

The house built in the 1980's by a French designer commissioned by a gentlemen from Atlanta that used the property as a vacation home. As you drive up the it feels like your driving through Southern Living with large pictursuqe oak trees and lush green pastures.

4,000 square feet of heated and cooled interior event space
1 acre of exterior courtyard space
Timeless wrap around porches
Beautiful grounds as the perfect wedding back drop
Spiral staircase
Complimentary self-parking
Access to Ocala House Manager for all venue-related questions

The Property


Bridal suite

The Brdial Suite provides a perfect location for all your pre-wedding rituals. Upstairs of the Ocala House keeps brides in a center location while being hidden from guests and husband-to-be until just the moment. 


Groom suite

The Groom Suite, or Man Cave as we call it, gives the guys a fun space to dressed and hang-out during the big day. Separate from the house it is an area they can call their own.